Our vision

Use data and analytics to make our clients more successful in what they do.





Our Story

Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2002 with a clear vision of using data and analytics to make our clients more successful in what they do.

Our ability to work with you to define strategy, implement it, and then support and adapt to the future, has created enduring relationships that are the cornerstone of our business. Our single-minded focus on business outcomes has helped make the people we’ve worked with very successful in what they do. Those results make our work massively rewarding and have played a key role in our growth.

Following expansion into the US in 2005 and UK in 2017, we now employ approaching two hundred people in eleven offices globally; London, Sydney, Melbourne, Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, Denver, Madison, Minneapolis and Raleigh. As a product of the partnerships formed with our clients globally, we’ve witnessed our clients setting new standards in their industry that improve their businesses and the lives of others.

Why Analytics 8

Rather than bombarding you with big brand client names, citing awards, or stating the strength of our relationship with specific technology partners (all of which we are very proud of), we’ve opted to keep it simple. Our clients say it all boils down to three things, our approach, our people, and our experience.

Our Approach

You’ve taken time to develop your vision, and to make meaningful progress towards it, our first step is to take time to understand it. From there we can help you ruthlessly prioritise manageable blocks of work that deliver tangible business benefits while building towards your long-term vision. Then efficiently deliver in short iterations, while maximizing opportunities for your business users to provide their input. Because, the right input, aimed in the right direction, creates a fruitful journey to realising your vision.

Our People

Our people combine deep technical expertise (we are data nerds at heart) with an ability to be naturally inquisitive and ask the right questions to understand how data can help you. Our team is 100% onshore, and we take a multi-disciplined approach to developing every individual. We don’t pigeonhole them in one area of technology, process or industry, so they can help you see the bigger picture. The common thread across the team is to take a personable approach, work fast and efficiently, and focus on getting the things done that will make you successful.

Our Experience

To see the bigger picture and understand what works, what doesn’t, and what’s coming next, we ensure our experience spans lifecycle stages, industries, and technologies. Our small teams of experts bring first-hand end-to-end expertise that puts strategic thinking at the heart of your delivery. Data is data, regardless of the industry. However, opportunities presented in data are often industry-specific, and our consultants understand the benefits you should expect, and where you could learn from other sectors. Technology is our passion, and we’ve developed strong relationships with a range of technology partners. Relationships founded on technology investments that work best for you.

If you would like to use data and analytics to understand your business, the markets you operate in, and your customers better, it would be great to talk.

Technology Partners

Technologies that enable the data and analytics industry are thriving. As suppliers jostle for market position, each product targets helping more people in your business do more with data. This can create a minefield of decisions for buyers.

Are you looking for impartial, expert advice that will help you evaluate the technologies you have today and those you should consider for the future? Think yesterday’s technology investments have run their course? Seeking validation that you have selected the most appropriate technologies to achieve the vision for your business? That’s where we come in.

Our clients appreciate that we take time to deeply understand their needs and offer impartial advice on technologies that best suit them. With the experience that spans generations of technologies, we can help you make sound technology choices today and plans for changes that will come.

Let us continually evaluate both established and new to market technologies so you don’t have to. Our successful technology partner relationships currently include:

Join the team

The values for our team are customer success, teamwork, accountability and ownership, professional excellence and recognition. What matters to us most is the calibre of people we work with, passion and enthusiasm for what we do, vibrancy and adaptability.

Data and analytics are very much about understanding our customers’ business and what our customers are trying to achieve. When growing our team, we aim to find those individuals that combine a solid technical grounding with a great attitude, adaptability, curiosity and problem-solving skills and ability to quickly understand our customers’ business and the problems they are trying to solve.

Our people are our business. If you would like to be at the centre of our business in the future, we’d love to meet you.