Our Experience

Data is data – regardless of the industry. Yet every industry has its own unique analytics needs. Analytics8 brings front-line experience and deep industry knowledge to develop solutions that will work for your business.







Financial Services

The Financial Services industry has undergone significant change in the last few years, and the breadth and depth of data available to the banks have brought about increased responsibility regarding regulatory compliance, and tremendous potential to excel with the personalised, customer centred products and services required in today’s market.
Analytics 8 can help introduce agility in delivering solutions that provide immediate business value, optimise revenue, create customer centric and data driven cultures, and help financial services organisations grasp the opportunities data provides. Benefits delivered include:
  • Customer facing analytics – use the banks’ transactional data to provide business, customer, and market insights to your business customers. By bringing big data to small businesses, we can improve customer acquisition, retention, and cross-sell.
  • Customer segmentation – We help retail and business banking, investment management and insurance companies better define and understand their customer segments. These can lead to higher retention, growth and customer experience.
  • Predict working capital – Our algorithms determine future account balances of the institutional bank’s customer to ensure that the bank’s investors can maximise returns from the working capital they have at their disposal.
  • Total customer experience – We take a pragmatic approach to ensure that a consistent, complete, and current understanding of the customer is available to everyone to put customers at the centre of your business and provide a total customer experience.
  • Automate Fraud detection – We used advanced analytics techniques to improve fraud detection and to augment the skills of the teams responsible for overcoming this ever-increasing threat.
  • Own spend analytics – we can help you make significant returns by ensuring your in-house teams have the right solutions to efficiently perform spend analytics to build better vendor relationships and drive down direct and indirect costs across your business.
  • Navigate regulatory compliance – data offers great potential to improve your business although it also brings great responsibility. We can help ensure you fully understand the data you own, who uses it, and what they have done it, to ensure you fulfil your regulatory compliance obligations.


Work with us to collect data from every customer touch point and find clarity in the total customer experience. Competition in the retail industry is at an all-time high. Loyalty programmes, preference for cashless transactions, rich digital shopping experiences, and digital advertising have contributed significantly to the abundance of data available to retailers to improve their customer experiences, operational performance, and profitability.
Our experience designing, building, analysing, and sharing insights upon retail data enables you to fully understand the underlying drivers influencing customer experience, sales and profits.
Benefits delivered include:
  • Loyalty analytics – For retailers’ rewards programs provide a way to know better and understand their customers and their purchasing behaviour. We can help you collect and analyse this data, and drive customer retention, enable real-time promotions, and enable measurement of lifetime customer value across different customer segments.
  • Customer profiling – Gain a 360-degree view of customers from a broad range of social, transactional and customer data to better understand customer’s preference, behaviours, and values. Then deepen and broaden customer engagement through personalisation of services and consistent interactions.
  • Campaign effectiveness – Optimise advertising and promotional spend by incorporating and managing feeds from social networks, national census and customer demographic data. We can ensure product offers and promotions are real-time and relevant. Store and retail performance can be understood relative to surrounding market forces.
  • Stock and Inventory Optimisation – True stock keeping unit (SKU) understanding is gained by our approach of combining multiple advanced analytics outcomes, including basket analysis, demand forecasting, assortment analysis, price elasticity, and customer preferences.
  • Sales Demand Forecasting – Optimise supply with demand by using statistical time series forecasting techniques to build highly accurate predictions of future product demand or sales. Furthermore, inputs such as price, marketing spend, or product placement within marketing collateral provide rich insights surrounding their influence upon demand. Clear metrics for ‘return on marketing investment. (ROMI) can be delivered.
  • Basket Analysis – Determine the best assortment of products for individuals. Proactively suggesting next best products and alternatives for out of stock items.
  • Workforce management – Reduce staffing costs and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time.

Public Sector

Data is at the heart of the 21st-century government. It can improve citizen experience, place citizen front and centre in public service delivery, make government and local councils more efficient, and boost businesses and the broader economy.
Empowered with new policies around open data, the public sector can play a significant role in ensuring our economy thrives into the future. We’ve worked with education, finance, infrastructure, and local councils to utilise better, manage, interpret, and share information, that can genuinely make a difference to economies and peoples lives.
The UK government is working hard to remove barriers to effective data use within government which has already led to better use of data to improve decision making. We’re excited about the significant further opportunity in how data is acquired, integrated, curated, secured and shared. Benefits delivered include:
  • Simple Financial Management – Empowering every level of staff to have a clear understanding of costs and benefits to roll-up benefits of low-level control of costs.
  • Invest in tomorrows schools – using open data and advanced analytics techniques to determine the best use of local finances to build and enhance schools to meet tomorrows demands.
  • Increased operational performance –Ensured evidence-based decisions are at the heart of both government and local councils’ operations with solutions that offer fantastic data discovery and visualisation capabilities.
  • Open data – advising on use of open data within the private sector to improve citizen experience and boost private sector businesses and local economies.
  • Useful citizen facing analytics – Collating, preparing, and sharing school and student performance data with parents to help inform their decisions around their children’s schooling.
  • Understanding all costs – Workforce management and optimisation, and cost centre analysis. Understand the actual cost of services to make evidence-based decisions on improving quality and efficiency and outcomes.


A university’s ability to acquire, manage, curate and disseminate information at a centralised and decentralised level, serving goals of research, teaching and administration, is fundamental to the University of the future.
Our strategic, implementation and support based engagements have allowed us to work with data relevant to subject areas such as research, timetabling, syllabuses, student assessment, students’ applications (domestic and international), student enrolments and load planning, finance, student experience, OH&S and student admissions. We know this industry well and take a lot of satisfaction in the difference data and analytics can make to students lives and witnessing how the university can benefit from the capability of their top students and researchers in a commercial setting. Benefits delivered include:
  • Data and Analytics Strategy – Enterprise-wide data and analytics strategies that underpin, and in some areas, lead the institutes business strategy.
  • Improve Student Experience – Predicting and measuring student experience and outcomes to inform better intervention, planning, support, and outcomes for students.
  • Deriving value from the cloud – Delivering savings, increased agility, scalability, and reliability by strategically moving enterprise-wide data platforms to public cloud providers.
  • Make data science work – Focused advanced analytics and data science experiments that lead to productionised solutions that support fundamental decisions on how the university invests its finances and improves student outcomes year after year.
  • Choose the right technology mix – Unbiased evaluation, sequencing and prioritisation of investment in technology that best enables organisations to achieve high-value outcomes.

Airlines and Automotive

The airlines and automotive industry are more data-driven than any time in history. Airlines can now measure revenue in real-time, optimise flight schedules, monetise customer data, optimise supply chain, create rich customer experiences, and understand costs at the lowest level as one aspect of being able to drive operational performance. Within the Automotive industry, new ways to interact with customers, GPS tracking, production automation, and telematics, are providing vast amounts of data that must be managed and interpreted to ensure product quality, manage risk, hear the voice of the customer, optimise supply chain and increase brand loyalty.
Benefits delivered within the Airline industry include:
  • Connect with customers, not in your loyalty program – Using big data and data discovery techniques to help a global airline identify and better understand passengers that were not part of their frequent flyer programs. Further customer behaviour analytics drove significant value in the newly defined customer segments.
  • Increase off-site check-in – Improve an airlines customer experience and achieve targets for some passengers that were checked in before arriving at the airport.
  • Understand the impact of disruptions – Using near real-time data we can guide front-line airport staff to the best action for individuals’ customers that were impacted by disruptions.
Benefits delivered within Automotive include:
  • Better understand your customers – By collecting all interactions and provide a total customer experience that allows you to learn about each person and then to personalise products and services that match their life stage and drive sales, servicing and retention.
  • Supply chain optimisation – Using data from truck GPS units, Bluetooth beacons on floor staff, and your core applications, we can run real-time workforce, logistics and distribution optimisation that help you adapt to maintain efficiencies and your competitive edge.
  • Determine drivers and detractors of loyalty – Applying churn analytics techniques to help understand why people are loyal to your brand and who might want to leave and how best to intervene.
  • Predict what is next – Use advanced analytics techniques to accurately predict what is likely to happen and predict NPS, sales, spare part usage, repairs, revenue, vehicle demand, and your next best conversation.
  • Grow your franchise network – Reward and help grow your franchisees business through better engagement and support and create delighted, loyal and profitable customers.

Health and Life Sciences

Data and Analytics are dramatically changing the Health and Life Sciences industry. With new sources of data from consumer wearables, digital experiences, and research. And more efficient ways to store and compute data, machine learning and advanced analytics techniques are being applied to provide better patient outcomes, reduce costs, and drive more outcome-based value.
Sales and Marketing continue to derive significant value from an increased ability to better understand patients and physicians and personalise campaigns, products and services accordingly. Wide-reaching business intelligence and analytics can ensure strategic direction can now be better measured, understood, and acted towards throughout the organisation. Research is more focused, and development can accelerate with earlier evidence-based decisions within clinical trials. Benefits delivered include:
  • Data and analytics strategy – Multi-year data and analytics focused strategies the ensure you always see the bigger picture, understand how each area of the business is performing, and return value from analytics widely and evenly across the business.
  • Managing general practice clinical data – Integrating data from over seven-thousand distinct general practices to build a cloud-based data platform that helps general practitioners understand their clinical activity, how conditions are diagnosed, and how they are successfully treated.
  • Exceptional customer experience – Our data, analytics, and user experience design specialists can ensure that patients, physicians, suppliers, and clinicians receive personalised, intuitive and effective interactions that put them first.
  • Operational performance – Providing modern data platforms and advanced analytics allows internal analysts to analyse data more efficiently and advise everyone to make better-informed decisions.
  • Understanding costs and profit – Understand expenses and value derived from products and services to pinpoint areas for improvement and opportunity.
  • Analytics infrastructure – Impartial, practical advice to help you implement first-class data infrastructure that supports wide and even use of analytics across the organisation.
  • Forecast sales – Using a mix of feature, competitor, and clinical activity data to determine the appropriate price and then forecast sales for products.