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Higher quality data integration in less time and at a lower cost.

The Acceler8 Data Foundation Accelerator is a technology-independent data integration framework and dynamic ETL-generation engine that accelerates the data integration build process.

The model-driven ETL generation approach reduces development times by up 50% with ETL automation delivers repeatable, deterministic, high quality ETL results.

Acceler8 has been created based on decades of consultative implementation experience in integration projects across multiple industries including mining, retail, health care, transport, retail and manufacturing.

It provides a structured and proven approach to data integration, simplifying data and information delivery, resulting in industry best practice data warehouses.

Magic Orange is a powerful, disruptive software platform created to enable shared services managers to run their shared service department like a business. It is a ready-to-deploy solution that empowers you to take control of costs and unlock optimisation opportunities. At a more macro level, it provides deeper insight into company spending.

By using the patent-pending Magic Orange pricing engine, you can calculate accurate costs for your product and service portfolio. This knowledge will then help you to make decisions that can improve efficiencies within shared service departments and ultimately increase profitability. Best of all, with its fast and easy deployment process you will see a quick return on investment.

Understand your business in new ways using Qlikmaps location analytics.

Qlikmaps is a location analytics engine for Qlikview and Qlik Sense. Using Qlikmaps you can quickly add interactive location analytics to your Qlik applications. Location analytics allow you to make discoveries in your data that charts and graphs cannot reveal. Qlikmaps allows you to plot territories, heat maps, points and density maps with true multi-layer support. It integrates with ESRI shapefiles and KML files, and enables real-time overlays of external ESRI, WMS and WMTS data sources. With a simple architecture, Qlikmaps is easy to install and configure so you can create mapping visualisations in minutes.

Take control of your spending, and make better purchasing decisions with Spendview

Analytics8 Spendview is a comprehensive Spend Analytics solution. It consolidates, cleanses and classifies all of your spend-related data in one place, giving you complete visibility of spending across your business.

Spendview helps you understand what your business spends money on, who you spend it with, whether you getting the best prices and whether your spend is helping is you reach your corporate goals. Spendview includes ‘what-if’ analysis and vendor scorecard functionality. Unlike other Spend Analytics solutions, you own the complete solution. This allows you to control and change the analytic framework as you need, without an ongoing subscription fee.

Seamlessly integrate data residing in SAP BusinessObjects into your Data Visualisation apps: Your users can design with data visualisation tools such as Qlik, Power BI or Tableau while using BusinessObjects Universes as a powerful, purpose-built host for business logic.

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