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Our Data Foundation Accelerator delivers higher quality data integration in less time and at lower cost.


Acceler8 makes it swift and simple to implement a cutting edge data warehouse that receives and manages all of your data, and turns it into meaningful and actionable business intelligence.

Our innovative framework does this by leveraging best practice templates, automation, and solution architecture to deliver a complete data reporting and analysis system in significantly less time and cost.

Acceler8 is also tool and platform agnostic – meaning you can use (or upgrade to) the best technology available, ensuring the latest functionality without needing to recreate your data warehouse from scratch.

With Acceler8, you can:

  • Fast-track your data journey
  • Eliminate the complexities of generating transparent and trusted information
  • Leverage data as a true strategic asset
  • Deliver insights when and where they are needed
  • Take advantage of the latest technology
  • Leverage proven Data Vault design patterns

Acceler8 uses best architectural and industry standards, principles and practices to gain maximum value and efficiency across the development lifecycle. We employ agile rapid turnaround cycles, without compromising the value and benefits of consistency, atomicity, robustness and scalability.

Acceler8 – Key Features

Solution architecture

Enduring, sustainable and reusable solutions

The Acceler8 framework is founded on best practice architectural principles, providing a holistic view of your organisation and clear line of sight to what matters most.

Co-designing with you, we create end-to-end solutions that can quickly transform from a model based on real world examples, to a fully functioning implementation that can be leveraged immediately for results.

We will map out your business and data process landscape to identify where performance can be gained and efficiencies achieved – resulting in data models that actually enable business goals.

Pattern-based design

Consistency equals efficiency

Acceler8 design patterns are:

  • repeatable
  • cost effective
  • consistent

They reduce risks associated with uncertainty, particularly in environments where rapid development and deployment is needed. Acceler8 uses predefined best practice patterns that are tool and platform agnostic. This means that we can use the best tool at any given time to ensure maximum functionality and performance.

Metadata Driven

Integrate data sources effortlessly

The Acceler8 framework is metadata driven, so extract, transform and load (ETL) specs and process execution logs remain with the data it creates.

This means that new data sources can be integrated simply, without needing to make costly and time consuming code changes. This lack of downtime allows you to quickly and easily integrate data sources that can provide crucial business intelligence.

Acceler8 best practice ETL solutions are agile, easy to scale and maintain, and promote uniformity to meet the needs of your growing organisation.

Automation templates

Increase turnaround and reduce errors

Templates are flexible and can be quickly and easily applied to meet your requirements, thereby reducing implementation costs.

They are also more cost effective than specialised applications that generally perform specific automation tasks, such as a specialist application for testing.

Acceler8 uses automation templates that automatically generate code at all stages of the software development life cycle, to dramatically increase productivity. This code is used for development as well as testing and deployments (which are often forgotten as part of a data warehouse implementation).

Fully auditable

Increase confidence and trust in data and reporting

Acceler8’s “out-of-the-box” features include:

  • end-to-end data lineage
  • end-to-end process lineage
  • operational logs
  • automated reconciliation

This means that you will always be able to trace data records from start to finish, and confirm the integrity of your valuable information.

Acceler8 also produces a record of the ETL execution, to show who was responsible for its creation and what the code was designed to do, with a direct link to the specifications and design pattern.

Data quality module

Quality assurance is crucial to meaningful insights

The Acceler8 data quality module is designed to make quality a known quantity through a unique 3-step approach:

  1. Quality of source – validates key data elements to monitor source behaviour
  2. Quality of code – end-to-end reconciliation to ensure no data loss
  3. Consistency of interpretation – exception monitoring for complex business rules

Expecting a data warehouse to guarantee good data in isolation is unrealistic. However, the Acceler8 data quality module reduces the unknowns, and provides greater visibility for greatly improved quality assurance.

Support, maintenance and documentation

Sustainability and continuous improvement

The Acceler8 framework includes all the standards, processes, templates and conventions required to effectively manage your data through to meaningful insights.

To sustain optimal performance and relevance, Acceler8 is supported and continuously updated to further improve functionality.

Whatever industry you’re in, one thing is certain: change is constant. At Analytics8, we are committed to continuous improvement of our products and services, to ensure our customers are extracting maximum value from their investment and their data, and producing meaningful insights in the now.

Cutting edge technology

Future-proof your data warehouse

Technology change is inevitable and perpetual. Don’t restrict your ability to capitalise on the latest tech by making irreversible choices now.

Acceler8 is designed on a pattern-based technology with the technology applied at the last step in the process. This means that whatever new technology becomes available in the future, only the last step in the process needs to be revised, and 80% of your original development and investment remains in place.

Acceler8 case studies

Acceler8 is Analytics8’s framework and methodology specificically developed to implement data lake and Data Vault data warehouses. It compromises the full suite of requirements to create best practice data warehouses. Here are some examples of how we have used Acceler8 to enhance data warehouse projects for our clients:

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