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Our client, a national radiology services company, provides diagnostic imaging to general practitioners, medical specialists and their patients. They pursue a “growth through acquisition” strategy and operate a network with multiple sites under several independent brands. The company maintains a lean business model, placing strong focus on their core skills and mission statement.

The Challenge

To support decision-making, the radiology services executive team needed information that was both trustworthy and actionable. The organisation’s data is complex and disparate however, when managed effectively, the data is rich in insight. While the organisation is hungry for data-led insight, this area of specialist expertise is not considered a core skillset for the organisation. When we spoke to them, their concern was that significant investment would be required to both create and maintain an effective data solution.

The Solution

Our key aim was to deliver an end-to-end solution which enabled our client to focus on delivering value-added information rather than simply collecting data. We created a data lake to integrate core data assets from across the organisation. We used the Acceler8 Data Foundation framework to deliver high quality data quickly and reliably. Data visualisation through Tableau supported user-driven analytical capability.

As the organisation’s strategic partner for data and analytics, we continue to deliver operational support, monitoring data processing and quality on an on-going basis. We also provide expert data integration and data visualisation advice to their subject matter experts as needed.


For the first time in our client’s history, there now exists a single source of reliable, enterprise-wide facts collected from across the organisation’s disparate locations, brands, and operational systems. As we are able to ensure that the data is there when it is needed, and we can deliver the specialist skills on a flexible as-and-when-required basis, our client now has the freedom to focus on what it does best.

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