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One thing is certain about how your organisation manages and interprets data today, it will soon change. With this change occurring at an ever quickening rate, legacy data warehouses often display symptoms of not keeping pace. This can lead to lost opportunities to capitalise on data assets, siloed (or shadow) data repositories, and data warehouse custodians that are forced to focus on maintenance and only the essential enhancements.

There is another way. Data Vault modelling is a modelling approach that results in data warehouses that deliver business information, rapidly. Data Vault centred solutions are resilient to change, adaptable, flexible, and scalable. By drawing together the best of 3NF and dimensional modelling patterns, a design that is flexible, scalable, consistent, and adaptable to the needs of the business is created.

Analytics8 started working with Data Vault in 2008, and we have championed the Data Vault modelling approach ever since. Our clients continue to benefit from the dozens of modern data warehouses we built together, demonstrating how they can stand the test of time. We offer a flexible approach to services surrounding Data Vault, and these include:

  • Data Vault Assessments
  • Agile data engineering
  • Data and Analytics strategy
  • Private and group Data Vault training and certification
  • Data Vault automation – using Acceler8
  • Data Vault modelling oversight and mentoring

Many of the benefits offered by Data Vault can only be attained by following a pattern-based automation approach to development and testing. We have proven, Data Vault best practice patterns ready to go as part of Acceler8, our data foundation accelerator.

If you’d like to speak to a team with almost a decade of experience in implementing Data Vault solutions that quickly and sustainably deliver outcomes for your business. It would be great to speak to you.

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