Building a cloud-based data warehouse based on a Data Vault design principles

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Our client is a large health insurance provider with more than 3.5 million members. Its strategic drive to increase competitiveness and reduce cost has had direct implications on the organisation’s approach to BI & EDW.

The Challenge

The organisation’s industry model-based enterprise data warehouse, tightly coupled to its legacy operational systems, lacked flexibility and provided challenges to integrate data across the full breadth of the organisation’s brands and channels into one central source of truth. The high cost, complexity and time it was taking to respond to changes prompted the organisation to rethink its approach.

It was concluded that a new strategic platform was required to support enhanced decision-making and cross-functional, insight, and that was both cost effective and fit for purpose.

The Solution

A project was initiated to build a new, cloud-based data warehouse based on a Data Vault design principles, to support both analytics and report delivery use cases. Fast innovation and exploration were to be core design principles.

Analytics8 was engaged for its proven track record of successful EDW implementations with the Data Vault methodology. With the Acceler8 Data Foundation Accelerator A8 provided the software and methodology needed for rapid data integration development to integrate a large number of source systems to achieve the desired 360-degree view of the organisation.

Our consultants provided technical leadership for the EDW implementation team, advised on Data Vault design best practices and provided technical Acceler8 support while the internal team received training in the use of Acceler8.


Acceler8 proved itself in an enterprise scale EDW environment, allowing the development team to generate and regenerate thousands of jobs – over and over again – very quickly. This enabled an iterative prototyping approach to the discovery of rules and requirements and allowed the team to very quickly respond to changes in data, process & concepts, and fine-tune technology and performance on the fly.

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